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Clicking a "Like" button a couple of times :)

vk_agatha is in the UK at the moment, and a few family photos (in ceremonial dresses and with serious faces, obv) are coming soon

Life is good :)
In case you didn't hear it yet
PJ Harvey - The Words The Maketh MurderCollapse )
Holding my breath waiting for the album...
Dear Friends,

2010 was my first full year here in the UK, hopefully one of the many to come. Now I'm sure that it's possible to stay here for life, and that it is what I want. It was a very good year for me, a defining year in many respects, mostly because never before I was completely on my own. This was an important test, it still is, but so far I feel like I'm passing it with flying colours

I'm quite looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings

Happy New Year!

A small present from me. Every now and then, looking through numerous lists of best songs of the ending year, you find a real treasure. It happened to me this (or, rather, last) year. Hope you find this song as magical as I do
Husky Rescue - Man Of StoneCollapse )
today is the first anniversary of my move to the UK
and I spend this day outside the UK. life certainly is funny
Day 26 - A song you like that is the only one you have by that band

If I say Chris Isaak, for most people the immediate association will be "Wicked Game". And vice versa. With exception of those who will remember the band HIM first :)

When an artist is widely considered to be a "one hit wonder", it's sometimes very interesting to check their other songs. Of course, Chris Isaak is not exactly a one hit wonder, but there are quite a few people who know just one his song. Which, as is often the case, is not the best, in my opinion

This song is not well known. In Moscow, there is just one radio station which plays it (and that's exactly where I heard it many years ago). Even finding a video for it turned out to be a problem. So I had to upload it myself, hope I won't be arrested for copyright laws violation now :)

Chris Isaak - Black Flowers
Day 25 - A song you're embarrassed to admit liking

It's hard to catch me being embarrassed about anything, and least of all about liking a song. There's nothing wrong about liking a song which others consider talentless, dull, or simply bad. If I like it, then it's good for me, nothing to be embarrassed about

However, the source of this song is the contest which causes an instant "boooo" reaction from many. Eurovision. I wholeheartedly join this reaction - with a few exceptions. This song from last year Eurovision is such an exception

Urban Symphony - RändajadCollapse )

Bonus track - this is my favourite song which actually managed to win a Eurovision contest. It's older than I am :)
Teach-In - Ding-a-dongCollapse )
Day 24 - A song you like to work out to

Apologies for not posting songs for the last two days... those days turned out to be quite busy, and when I was home, I couldn't get myself to open LJ and post anything

The question for day 24 is somewhat tricky. There is no such song, because I don't like to work out at all :) However, if I did like it, I think this song would be among my favourites

Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation)Collapse )

Bonus track
Rob Dougan - Furious AngelsCollapse )
Day 23 - A song you often get stuck in your head

I was going to post the album version. But this live version is even better
Awesome songs. Nothing more to say

Pulp - I Spy (live)Collapse )

Bonus track 1
Pulp - F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.Collapse )

Bonus track 2
Pulp - She's A LadyCollapse )
Day 22 - A song you can't help but air-jam to

Franz Ferdinand is a special band for me. I call them the epic fail of my radio career. I honestly think I was among the first hundred of people in Russia who heard Take Me Out. I immediately went to our music director and suggested to start playing it. He refused. I kept insisting, pleading, arguing, but all in vain. Finally, after 3 months, during which the band sky-rocketed in the charts, and our main rivals started to play the song, we had no choice anymore. But the fact I failed to convince the music director still is a major disappointment for me

Although maybe it is for the best. If I succeeded, I would now be trying to claim that I played my part in Franz Ferdinand success in Russia :)

As for the song, when I first heard it, the first emotion was bewilderment. I initially didn't like it at all, and almost thought the produced some kind of trash. But after listening to it a few times (or a few dozen times), I realised how wrong I was. I remember I was once going to work, my player chose this song to play, and I shouted the initial words along with the band... I think I badly frightened a middle-aged lady who was passing by, and I didn't care

Oh, and the video for this song is absolutely crazy. I love it

Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want ToCollapse )

Bonus track 1
Franz Ferdinand - Walk AwayCollapse )

Bonus track 2
Franz Ferdinand - L.WellsCollapse )
Day 21 - A song that gives you shivers

Can't think of any clever comments... or even silly ones :) Just the song

Muse - SunburnCollapse )

Bonus track 1
Muse - Dark ShinesCollapse )

Bonus track 2
Muse - Dead StarCollapse )



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